As mechanical as it gets

by Evans Yonson

As funny as a button

Big and small

Black and colorful

Round and square

But not all is fair.

Buttons everywhere.
Buttons everywhere.

As academic as a university

Entertaining as it may be

For you but not for me

I take it earnestly

How it should be.

As poignant as a video

A beginning and an end

Linearity is common

Just around the bend

Bring it on.

As optimistic as a switch

On and off

Off and on

Upward and downward

Sometimes, sidewards.

Old and torn
Old and torn

As mechanical as a curtain

Beauty disclosed

Brightness hidden

Let the light through

Nanosecond of you.

As certain as a coffin

Big and small

Uncertain is the call

Life maybe a ball

We all have to fall.

As legendary as a myth

Young and old

Belle and bold

Truth be told

Life is gold.