A note about life and love

by Evans Yonson

This is a note about living and loving the hardest way.

Thanks for everything. It was good while it lasted. With everything else that have happened I know and acknowledge the fact that I really learned a lot.:

– that life is unfair;

– that life is precious to some and to others it’s not;

– that giving is more important than receiving;

– that a little appreciation matters;

– that I can move on with my own life, alone;

– that I should love myself first before I am able to truly love someone else;

– that some people really don’t care about others’ worth until they see their own worth:

– that I learned love in the worst manner;

– that I can make it on my own in the bigger world;

– that I should never ever lose my self-respect and dignity again.

– that love is never demanding;

– that the next time I fall in love, it will be with someone who is ready and capable of loving me in return. No matter what the circumstances are;

– that honesty hurts but should be the foundation of any relationship;

– that I have to be true to myself;

– that from now on you’re only someone that I used to love;

– that not all love songs and its lyrics have all the answers to life’s mundane questions;

– that writing is still the best therapy for me;

– that I was always at the losing end;

– that I am now ready to fall in love again, but not yet;

– that crying helps but it has to stop; and,

– that I have to carry on.