A blog for my dearest students…

by Evans Yonson

Dear Batch 2015,

This is probably the cheesiest blog that I have ever written as The Light Traveller. But what the heck! This blog is about me and you. Most of it will be about you, really.

When I arrived in November, although a week late, I was confident that I will be welcomed with a lot of excitement from all of you. I have met most of you during the last days of your DC1 class last year. This excitement was coupled with the fact that I have been identified as someone who is a terrifyingly dreadful professor, which I am not in the first place. When we started our travel together on November 4th, I knew that there was something special that you were all bringing to the class that I was handling. “Was” because by the time you’re reading this, the semester is practically over. Let’s just say that your grades have already been written by the stars.

Learning is a give-and-take process. I give and you take. Little did you know that I have also taken and learned a lot of things from you. Respect, determination, loyalty, willfulness, creativity, love for each other, and the list will probably last me eight lines just for this paragraph.

As many of you have known and talking about it now, you are at a crossroad that will certainly shape your future not only as a student but your whole life through. Whether you go left or right, choose one over the other, it is important that consider your talents, skills, and your love for that choice.

Whatever you choose, always remember that it is not the major field that matters. It is always the education that will lead you to the future. The things you will learn will vary from hereon but never lose what you have already since DC1 up to DC6. What you had are fondest memories. What you have is very special. What you will have will be very precious.

You may choose differently from your friends but they will always be your friends. They may go for this major field but they will always go back to you for support, for the senseless chit-chats, for the laughter, for the tears, for the drinking sessions, for the endless parties here and there, and many more.

There are only two choices but the benefits are endless. You will learn new things. New perspectives. New understanding of the world. Remember, these choices will never make you enemies. In fact, it will even strengthen the bond that you have made in all your outings, trips, and projects.

You are already great performers. Singers. Composers. Writers. Actressses. Actors. Bass guitarists. Drummers. Stage managers. Runners. Dancers. And the best of friends.

After 2015, some will become designers. The others journalists. Some will become teachers. The others graphic artists. Photojournalists. Pastors and preachers. Professional singers. Dancers. News reporters. NGO consultants. And so on.

You are ready for whatever major field you will choose. You have been guided very well. And you will continually be guided until you are ready to flap your wings.

Don’t worry about what lies ahead for it is uncertain. You are young and you are entitled to fail. Who else will fail when you are all winners now?

Think deeply. Think beyond. Think out of the box and look at yourself from the outside. You are already beautiful inside and out. Talented and ready for new challenges.
Choose a major field and own it. Embrace it. For it will make you magnificent agents of change.
All my love,