The remissness in me…

by Evans Yonson

Cagayan de Oro – I know. I know. It’s been like ages since I last blogged as The Light Traveller. The past months, well exactly three months and two weeks, after arriving from Barcelona I have not blogged about anything at all. I have not written my annual review of the past year. I have not made my 2013 wishes and dream travels. But I will be writing more soon. I have been travelling a lot lately here in the Philippines but it’s the university work that has kept me away from blogosphere these days, weeks and months.

In order to make up for the lost time, today I am blogging about the truths about my latest travels in life. Here’s hoping that negligence won’t settle in again.

I have a new set of students. New personalities, new temperaments. And definitely, new drama. I have always believed that it’s these experiences that make my life as a traveller meaningful and significant. And a whole lot of education!!!

Truth #1: After everything that has happened over the past weeks, there’s really no point of thinking of all the what-ifs and what-could-have-beens. What happened, happened. Learn from it. Never forget the memories, the good ones that is. Cherish the happy ones. And move on.

Truth #2: Whatever situation you got into, whether you were drunk or sober, face it. Solve it. Deal with it. And move on.

Truth #3: Whatever you started, finish it. No matter the cost. Deal with it. And move on.

Truth #4: If it’s the stage that you’re afraid of, face it. It’s just the lights that you’ll see. No one else is there. Deal with it. Stand proud. And move on.

Truth #5: If it’s your existence that you’re questioning, live up to it. It’s your life and not theirs. Deal with it. Be strong. And move on.

Truth #6: I’m in love with you. But you’re in love with someone else. I’m ending this foolishness. Dealing with it. Getting rid of it. Prouder and stronger. And I’m moving on.