Remembering 2008

by Evans Yonson

(Note: This blog originally appeared in my Multiply account on 31 December 2008. Here’s a look back at 2008.)

Barcelona – Today is the last day of the year, 2008. As the date and time of my laptop turns 00:00, 01-01-09, I am writing this blog to look back what happened this year.

1Q – the year began with my new Nikon camera and i never stopped shooting then. this was my second semester in XU. the second year students were very afraid of me (i expected it anyway), which will eventually have a great effect in March. i applied for my second scholarship from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation. this time i applied for my PhD studies at the Univ of Barcelona. Valentine’s Day came and gone and it was no fun. it was so boring as my other half is in Madrid. my students graduated. some first year students failed but no one failed in the second year batch. leomar carpentero was elected president of the DevCom Society, taking the reins from Pring2x.

2Q – the holy week was spent in CDO with my friends. i loved shooting the Good Friday procession. the last time i saw this procession was in 1992. and it paid off. i was given summer load units handling the Internship course of the students. i went to Manila for a summer workshop in experimental filmmaking under Sari Lluch Dalena at the UP Film Center. the course was simply outlandish. i had the Film Center facilities to myself – the cameras, the editing, the viewing room and whatever they had to offer. i visited my students in UPLB, and i had fun there with Pam, Swiet, Bnn and Grace. i went to Butuan with Carissa to monitor Krisal, Shallowe and Vic and boy did we have fun in Nasipit. i spent the night drinking in Malaybalay for Meling and VinJohn. it was a rush-hush visit to Tina and Joying in Valencia. i brought my niece, Alexis to Davao to see the Matigsalogs and met Louise and Jeff. i hurriedly took the bus to Davao to talk to Pring2x, Steph, and Princess in one night and left for the Matigsalog festival again with my sister, Vya who came all the way from CDO to bring my camera’s battery. it was so sweet of her that she spent only a few minutes in Davao and back to CDO. i regretted not going to Zamboanga to see Brian but i got sick after the 3 weeks of non-stop traveling. by now, my laptop’s memory is half-full already. the first semester came and so did Mayette Rivera. i was to teach video/film production and photography lab classes. leomar asked me to be the moderator of the DCSociety.

3Q – finally got the results for the scholarship. couldnt contain my excitement. the photography classes went to bohol with Mayette and the ever-effective Julie Baril, my dear friend and now travel agent. i enjoyed Jamante that Leomar headed for Manresa Days. we also had the puppet show and i loved the way they presented their shows. i went to Davao on a hurry for an international conference and arrived there without any room to sleep in except a hospital bed. i finished 3 4GB cards in Kadayawan and Kagay-an festivals. Lansad2.0 (thanks to Doi, Val and company) and Estreno (thanks to Krisal, Swiet and the EduCom Batch 2009) ended my semester in XU. most of the students passed with flying colors and some failed.

4Q – i went to manila for an appointment with the spanish embassy and celebrated my first few 40th birthday hours on a flight to CDO. i ended october helping out in the enrolment for second semester. i left CDO on Nov 2 after an overnight stay in Greenhills with my whole family. my high school batchmates welcomed and gave me a despedida party. i left Manila on Nov 5 and had a 12-hour stopover in Singapore. another 6 hours in Milan and finally Barcelona. at the University, things were not as i expected it to be. problems and more problems kept popping up every time i report to the PhD department. but am glad it’s almost over. i went to Lourdes, France and Athens, Greece. i found a place to call my own with 24 hours internet service.

These are the things that I am thankful for. but most of all to: my family who kept me company since i came back in april 2007; my DC students who presurred me no end; Mayette Rivera and Shiella Balbutin for making my stay a memorable one; Erwin Roa for all the things and favors; my Blogspot, Facebook and Multiply friends who constantly remind me that my travels should never stop here nor there; the AECI for the opportunity to go back to Spain; and all the miracles that the high heavens have given me; and finally, the universe for conniving with me no end.

It was a great year, indeed.