When children get sick

by Evans Yonson

(Note: This blog originally appeared in my Multiply account on 19 February 2008. In the coming days, I will be posting blogs written between 2004 and 2006 and posted in Multiply. The site will be offline soon thus the migration of several blog entries.)

cagayan de oro – since i came back last year, i have been living with my dear sister, vya. during the later part of 2007, my brother’s first grandson, Neo lives with us now. of course with his mom (tchang) and dad (neil).

Neo at 3 years old. My attempt at self-portrait with Neo playing on top of my head.

the last time our home had a growing child around was more than 20 years ago, tchang (neo’s mom).

it’s been awhile since a kid was running around our home. this time the house is noisy again. we’re no longer used to the shouts and whims of a child. he’s almost three years old now.

recently, Neo got sick. i am already used to his loud voice but last week my mornings lack its vibrance and tension. no more shrieks but irritating complains of coughs and need for more attention.

everyone’s attention is more on Neo now that he’s been sick. promises like i’ll buy you this and that if you’ll only drink your medicine, or we’ll go there if you’ll feel good again.

how i wish i was a child again….