100 things you don’t know about me…

by Evans Yonson

(Note: This blog originally appeared in my Multiply account on 11 July 2005. In the coming days, I will be posting blogs written between 2004 and 2006 and posted in Multiply. The site will be offline soon thus the migration of several blog entries.)

madrid – i’ve been receiving bulletins and forwarded messages since time immemorial. these fill up my inboxes that i have to delete those twice every single day. as a revenge, i am writing a blog about the things that you barely know about me…. FYI.

  1. i studied chinese fookien everyday for three years.
  2. i say i love you always and i mean it.
  3. i studied the arabic language for one summer.
  4. i studied BASIC (beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code – a computer language) in high school.
  5. i peed in my pants in chinese school.
  6. i still keep a diary, this time a digital one.
  7. i suffered bamboo stick whackings in chinese school.
  8. i got lost in a market in cagayan de oro for 3 hours when i was 7 years old.
  9. i hate listening to repeated stories.
  10. i love electronic gadgets.
  11. i burned all my honor cards and cerftificates.
  12. i love copying lines and quotations but never use them any way.
  13. i don’t like repeated questions.
  14. i tried cross-stitch but never finished one.
  15. i lost my only 100 pesos for the pants that i was wearing for my high school graduation.
  16. i learned my ABCs alone.
  17. i never climbed a tree.
  18. i’m a peeping tom.
  19. i love cleaning my ears day and night.
  20. i don’t know how to drive a bicycle.
  21. i hate animal furs like cats’ and dogs’.
  22. i love watches. my first watch was a Rado from my father. i once had a Mickey Mouse watch. i’m wearing a Swatch, my seventh.
  23. i seldom wear necklaces.
  24. i am a green-thumb.
  25. i stare at people from head to toe.
  26. i love Bench and Springfield shirts and Rusty Lopez shoes.
  27. i barely sleep when traveling in a bus.
  28. i don’t regret spending money – hard-earned or otherwise.
  29. i prefer to sleep alone.
  30. i dreamt of becoming a doctor.
  31. i want to be a farmer.
  32. i love it when i receive emails personally written and not the copied ones.
  33. i can walk for several hours inside a museum, a mall or at the park.
  34. i have worn the same model of leather sandals from Our Tribe for the last 14 years.
  35. i buy second hand clothes.
  36. i hate chocolates and potatoes (except McDonald’s french fries).
  37. i seldom drink alcoholic beverages.
  38. i believe in reincarnation.
  39. i love museums and cultural places.
  40. i can literally close my ears.
  41. i prefer black, yellow, orange, and white shirts.
  42. i smoke a pack of cigarettes in two days.
  43. i did my masters thesis in less than two months. writing, i mean.
  44. i love ABBA and Mamma Mia, of course!
  45. i play chess. and i am a good arnis player.
  46. i hate organized religion.
  47. i shave my pubics once in two months.
  48. i prefer wearing short pants.
  49. i hate buying gifts in Christmas.
  50. i want to learn hoow to swim and drive a car.
  51. i have taken more than 5,000 photos.
  52. i love working on the 11th hour.
  53. i would rather sit down than be the life of the party.
  54. i cry when i listen to regine velasquez’s pasko na sinta ko and the wonder of you.
  55. i had my first experience when i was 12.
  56. i go for the married ones for my serious relationships.
  57. i love the singing group, everything but the girl.
  58. i feel in love with a classmate when i was in junior high.
  59. i easily forget names of people i meet.
  60. i know how to cook. my specialty is chicken and pork adobo, and pasta with chili sauce.
  61. i have so many moles in my body and in the most conspicuous places.
  62. i hate organized pleasure travels.
  63. i procrastinate.
  64. i listen a lot to classical, celtic, world and alternative music.
  65. i hate routines.
  66. i travel very light wherever i go.
  67. i am a clairvoyant. i see things happenings in the future in vivid color and details.
  68. i wear black briefs and most of the time plaid boxers.
  69. i fear flying from manila to cagayan de oro and davao.
  70. i love floating to cebu.
  71. i stopped using towels.
  72. i go more for noses than looks.
  73. i don’t believe in bad luck.
  74. i pick my nose with my right small finger.
  75. i write when i get so angry.
  76. i recite the Lord’s Prayer in Cebuano, Filipino, English, and Spanish before i sleep.
  77. i hate forwarded emails about mantras, the Lord, self-help advisories and asking you to forward to others.
  78. i had stage fright in high school.
  79. i am an impulsive buyer.
  80. i wore my father’s 60s clothes in college.
  81. i spoil my nieces more than my nephews.
  82. i love wearing an all black ensemble.
  83. i am very possessive of my friends. loyalty is one of my worst values.
  84. i do everything with my left hand. it’s longer and bigger than my right.
  85. i would rather travel and be broke than having money and not traveled at all.
  86. i hate it when people tell me about their first impressions of me.
  87. i am always on time.
  88. i could sleep without praying.
  89. i have 15 versions by different artists of Cyndi Lauper’s song, Time afer Time.
  90. i collect museum brochures, bus/plane tickets, and pencils.
  91. i always dreamt of studying in the University of the Philippines.
  92. i hate sleeping with blankets and bed sheets.
  93. i find happiness in the rain and the trees outside my window.
  94. i indulge in buying shoes just like the Beauty from Leyte.
  95. i hate waiting for people who don’t come on time.
  96. i don’t buy pirated CDs.
  97. i prefer eating fish than any red/white meat.
  98. i hate the word miss when people write me. i don’t use it either.
  99. i have always maintained my weight for the past 10 or 12 years.
  100. i love this thing that i am doing now.