The Film Archive Project

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – I am starting a film archive for Cagayan de Oro. The archive will house films from all over the world that seldom available to the locals and not even on cable TV. At the same time, we will also be collecting films produced by local filmmakers.

The archive will be open for membership for the local citizens. We also plan to hold film appreciation seminars (monthly) and hold film education workshops on a quarterly basis. We will have a weekly film showings for a minimal fee to maintain the administrative concerns of the archive.


Z by Costa-Gavras

I would like to solicit any film (preferably original DVD copy) that you no longer need in your cabinets. From short films, feature films, to documentary films. With English subtitles, please. Or if you know someone who is willing or has films to donate, please share with them the photo album below. We also need film books, if you have them.

[Click here for titles in our Film Archive collection now.]

I believe that film is one art form that can help educate citizens appreciate our culture, develop the art, and harness the potentials of the future generation.

Thank you very much.

(Note: The photos in Facebook album are already with The Film Archive Project collection.)