23 characters and counting

by Evans Yonson

Note: The series Mondays in Africa were originally written and published on September 2005, as a countdown for The Light Traveller’s leaving his university residence in Madrid, Spain.)

madrid – as a keen observer of the world, i have baptized and given names to people whose personalities fit a certain character. other names were given by a close friend. i am talking about the people around me in the past months. there are so many that i have chosen my top 23 as a fitting tribute to them for making my life here a lot more enjoying and most of the time, fun!

1. and 2. the sex pistols (aka the sex machines) – a pair of star-crossed lovers where everything and everyone is against their relationship but they were able to conquer high heavens and high water. that goes without saying that the walls have their ears. and all the more beyond those walls are ears too. their moans and groans have rhythm that you could dance trance even in midday.

3. the pop princess – the ever fashionable lady in town. not to be outdone by her choices of clothes. this lady is a remarkable woman of distinction, taste and style. truly, a princess.

4. the grand dame – young and sweet. scheming and cunning. this lady is your typical devil-may-care-innocent-than-Eve lass.

5. the witch’s grandson – there are certain things that you’d keep to yourselves. but to keep the whole of yourself away from others is really something else. probably, he’s just introverted. i don’t know but he strikes me as the one cleaning the old lady’s cauldron after preparing her love potion number 9.

6. don roboto – domo arigato, mr roboto! domo! domo! the king of talk. nonsense or otherwise. well most of the time, nonsense. snake bites are dangerous and so is don roboto…..

7. Antoniette, the Fantastic – the latest addition to the Fantastic Four family. she has everything. she speaks about everything. she has traveled a lot. she has so many friends. she has stories of epic proportions. she knows so many things. well, she has everything. or so she claims.

8. the crazy – too young and so lost in this younger world. his innocence of the bigger world is so overwhelming by his looks. and his ignorance of the academe speaks for his actions.

9. Moby Dick – he’s the complete impersonation of the Moby Dick’s ferocious archenemy. take note Moby Dick. and not Moby’s DICK. i can tell.

10. Inday – Homo B in my blog. but beware this bitch is a lightning rod.

11. Babe – Homo A in the same blog. he must the engineer’s long lost kid from one of those prostitutes of an infamous war.

12. and 13. Boy Toy – famous for his hall presence. he could be a superstar in the philippines – his looks could guarantee his ticket to stardom in manila. but he is just one for sex. an actor for one of the Seiko Film’s sexy flicks.

14. Lolo – his words of wisdom is already giveaway. but his insistence and inconsistencies make him more older than he should be. and he wants to buy an island in the philippines. isn’t that amazing? but he has to find a filipina to marry which makes him more undesirable. we see it as a plain, simple and overt flirting. so much about words of wisdom…

15. Macho Dancer – a body to die for. a sex appeal that girls and gays drool if he was in the philippines. but his appeal makes you want to let him dance right here, right now, naked, please. his furtive glances make you sweat and come. and his built makes you crazy. not to mention the bulge that comes with the package.

16. Bilat (as in kiki) – Homos A and B combined. a woman of grand flirtations.

17. The Fantastic #5 – if you’re writing thesis, he’s writing two. if you’re traveling 5 days, he’s traveling 10. if you’re going to china, he’s going to the moon. i bet he has everything doubled with what you have. fantastic, indeed…..

18. the panicky stressed-out paranoid – she’s on diet. but the more that she’s on her regimen, the more she gained weight. is weight highly and directly proportional to stress? do tell me.

19. the english patient – a person of so many explanations. everything has its reasons. and he can explain all your actions. but too bad he could not explain his acts.

20. Jinky Oda – i thought i have lost contact with this actress when she retired from Philippine showbusiness years ago. i was shock to see her here. almost completely like jinky sans the stares.

21. the eye candy – if this guy would have only eyes for me, i would give him a round trip ticket to the Philippines and be my lover for the rest of my life. but as his monicker suggests, he is just one for dreaming and nothing else. you should see how he touches his balls under the sun. daydream!

22. donatella versace – being heir to a fashion empire does not give you a license to be unfashionable. it’s the 21st century but donatella is still stucked in the early 80s. think Madonna in her Holiday outfit.

23. the Queen of the Nile – my beloved friend who lightens my lunch and dinner.

there are supposed to be more than 150 characters but if i have described 23 now, imagine how life has been treating me here in spain.