Cagayan de Oro post May 2013

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – When international typhoon Washi hit Cagayan de Oro on 17 December 2011, it sparked numerous debates about the management of the local government that has been in office since 1998. Thirteen years of the same leaders have become such a waste of time, resulting to loss of lives, money and livelihood, altered morals and values, and disgruntled citizens.

I am a forward-looking person who believes that the past is already done and over with. But lessons should be learned and understood in the context of the greater good and never for the selfish and greedy individuals. Then again, their failure to deliver what is expected of them is another case that needs to be addressed and put right. I reiterate that I am not a political person nor have I got any political plans. If I am dreaming right now, I hope to wake up and see a better hometown. If I am not, then let this be my thinking aloud note that future leaders of Cagayan de Oro consider once they run for office in May 2013.

Given that in 2013 the Cagayan de Oro electorate would have chosen genuine leaders, who will work in partnership with the people, should set the following priorities:

EDUCATION. A highly educated society encourages more investments to come in and avoiding the diaspora of our human capital.

  • Strengthen basic education.
  • Encourage higher education participation.
  • Promote lifelong learning as a way to create a more active and vibrant society.
  • Provide scholarships for deserving students.
  • Vocational technology should be advocated at the barangay level.
  • Partner with all stakeholders (individuals, academic institutions, private and people organizations, NGOs, government agencies, media companies and others) advocating the significance of education and love for culture and identity.
  • Advance education and participation in all political, economic and spiritual undertaking of the city.
  • Discipline should be instilled on everyone.
  • Values reeducation such as trust and honesty should be in placed, inculcated and practiced. Transparency in all transactions be it government or private should be required. The citizenry should be empowered to complain and be heard.
  • Promote interfaith cooperation.
  • Strengthen the importance of education, information, and communication in all plans and projects of the government in partnership with the citizenry.

ENVIRONMENT The love for the environment should be ingrained in every citizen. All citizens and stakeholders should be involved in this universal effort to save Mother Nature.

  • All possible laws on environmental protection are already in placed. These should be enforced immediately without favoring the few.
  • Sustainable development should be given emphasis.
  • Segregation should be strictly implemented.
  • Carbon footprint should be a concern of everyone.
  • Create citywide plans/projects that are in consonance with the preservation of the enviroment such mass transportation, waste management, green infrastructure, etc.


  • Review all existing contracts with private companies and terminate those that are not beneficial for the greater populace in the long run.
  • Review the mandates of all public utility companies like electricity, water, and telecommunications and cause effective, fair, and beneficial changes to deliver quality service to its clientele.
  • Establish a consultative body that will meet on a quarterly basis. Representation from all sectors of society is a must.

It’s been almost five weeks now when that typhoon devastated Cagayan de Oro. The people have already awaken from their horrific slumber.

It’s time to build a new city order now. Take out the undesirables now lest we become calloused to the plight of our fellow Kagay-anons. Let’s start now before we will all float to the bay lifeless.

Post May 2013 begins now.