Got Thai’d in Bangkok!

by Evans Yonson

Cagayan de Oro – This piece is about my first trip to Thailand this year. But I am writing this on the day of my second return to the Kingdom of Siam.

I remember very well my real first time in Bangkok was with my dear sister (Vya), my niece (Tchang), and my mom. It was in 2000. It was upon the urging of my former student, Eunice who was managing a travel agency then. A package cost us Php 10,000 each for 3 days/night in Bangkok with some tours thrown in. It was to be our first foreign trip despite my mom’s failing health. It was in this trip that I felt something in me was part Thai. I fell in love with Thailand the first time.

And I’m still in love with Thailand up to now. Really in love!

More entries soon.