Some of life’s little surprises

by Evans Yonson

Cagayan de Oro – I have been very busy being lazy lately that I have almost forgotten about this blog. It’s been three weeks since my last entry. So here are some of the little surprises that I had in recent times.

I met up with my dear Thai friends in one of Bangkok’s biggest malls by surprise. Although we agreed on the place and time but we never specifically talked about where exactly. Talk about the world being a small place after all.

After more than two decades, I saw my gay friend, Tonie, again. He showed me the real flesh trade in Bangkok. But there was no buying and selling thing in the place where we went. Surely I got to taste what One Night in Bangkok meant.

I have kissed Mahatma Gandhi’s forehead. I touched Ronaldo Cristiano’s balls without hesitation. I sat beside Will Smith. I mashed the Queen’s still erect boobs. I sang lead with Beyonce as my back-up. I struck a pose with Madonna. I crawled under Spider-man. All these happening in one afternoon. In one place. In Madame Tussaud’s.

It took me several years to see Dara all over again. Even more in lovely and culinary land called the former Kingdom of Siam. We immediately decided to go to enchanting Chiang Mai with the midnight train to the north of Thailand. Truly a great reunion with my dear neighbor.

After a few days in Bangkok, I finally get to experience the city by myself. Put pasa thai mai dai. Thanks to my fast adaptability to new languages, I reached the Ancient Siam village where I got to see the whole of Thailand in less than an hour. Upon my return, I realized I took the wrong ride that completely made the word, LOST, in its truest meaning. A true traveller always gets lost. It is in this state that we all find sense in our travels.

My flying anxiety with Cebu Pacific got hitched when we experienced a five-minute strong turbulence, just before landing in Manila from Bangkok. Other than that I’m beginning to love flying with this airline.

Upon arrival, I started classes immediately. My photography class went for an immersion in a town 2-hours away from Cagayan de Oro. Along with another faculty, we brought 75 students and guided them through some photojournalism exercises that made me very thankful for all the graces that I have been receiving all these years.

Some things are better left unwritten but forever etched in our memories. The beach. The party. The fun. The students. The moon. And the sunrise. I am completely blest with everything. Imagine waking up to a serene bay. Warm and windless morning with sleepless but happy and contented students. Oh, the perks of getting old.

I have a couple of weeks more left here in the Philippines and I’m still surprised by the countless astonishing events that surround me everyday.