stop at 22!

by Evans Yonson

(Note: The series Mondays in Africa were originally written and published on September 2005, as a countdown for The Light Traveller’s leaving his university residence in Madrid, Spain.)

madrid – i stopped counting my age at 22. but sadly nobody believes me back home that i was 22 for several years. they said i was a lot older.

when i arrived here last year, my classmates would ask me how old i am and they would not believe my real age so i again started to claim i am 22.

since i left the university at 20, i started working two months after. then at 21, i joined the department of labor. then at 22, i’m here in spain. i thought this is not working to my advantage since i have edited out some of the most important achievements in my life, like working in a university as a professor, traveling to new york, finishing my communication masters and the rest of those things that i should be proud of. how am i supposed to claim all those in less than 2 years?

i turned 26 in less than 3 months of my stay here. why 26? it’s a safe number. at least it’s not so many light years away from my real age. well, 26 is only a light year away. this october i will be turning 27. i still look too young to be 27. many insist that i should have been 25. i am not getting any younger and my biological clock is ticking. i should go higher every 3 years perhaps. meaning, i will still be claiming that i’m 26 this october since this year is my second for 26. 27 is still another year away.

i have a spanish friend who turned 31 last february. and he believes he’s alot older that i am. why? looks count dahling… yes, virginia!! your lola looks very young here in spain. thanks to ever dependable papaya soap.

if only i could get a bar of that orange soap here. but for now, it’s forever goodbye to 22. hello 26.