The world’s a stage.

by Evans Yonson

Do we really need a stage to have a great performance in life?

Cagayan de Oro – Today is my first day in the university. While the rest of my University of Barcelona counterparts are winding up their school year, I am starting mine in this side of the globe. I will be handling several subjects in this homecoming of mine. But this is not only a vacation aka teaching of sorts, I will also be conducting several other things that will help shape a brighter future for myself and my family.

While Cagayan de Oro is smaller compared to my host city, Barcelona, it has some great and wonderful things that the latter could never replace. It has its own flavor. It is a stage of its own. It has its own drama. Comedy. Thriller. Horror. And even a sexual zest to it, too. The characters that I meet in this city of gold are as interesting and engaging as any European that I have visited for the past years.

Homecomings are always meant to be momentous but I am not closing my curtains to the surprises that this one will bring in the next few weeks. And I know there will be more to it than just the usual wonders. Does this mean that I have gotten tired to the routine fare? Certainly not! Every time the bugle sounds and the trumpet blown, a different mode and audience are always there to welcome one of life’s greater actors. Me!

I will never know how this drama will unfold. But for sure, I am in for a really big surprise.