Polish heart

by Evans Yonson

One more time

Barcelona – I have come to a conclusion that most street performers are not fat. This made me wonder. Is it because they are standing most of the time? Or is it because most artists are naturally thinner brought about by their endless hours of dedication to their craft?

There are only two Polish people that I could talk about but not as intensively as I could, Lech Walesa and Karol Wotylja. The former is Nobel Peace Prize recipient and the latter promoted world peace. Lech became a trade union leader and eventually Poland’s President in 1990. Karol became a cardinal and eventually the Catholic world’s Pope John Paul II in 1978. Both started from humble beginnings in a troubled world and became exemplary leaders that many adored and emulated. They have looked like famished creatures when they younger but everything paid off when they became famous. Gone were the traces of hunger.

But looking at these two street performers made me think again. Are they both destined to become famous? Why not? After all, they are Polish. Most of them, if not all, are musically-inclined. They can sing a tune. They can play a string instrument. And perhaps they can even conduct an orchestra. Even on the streets.