Modern-day superhero

by Evans Yonson

Must a superhero wear a costume? Do we really need those colorful clothes to make us worthy of emulation and respect?

Barcelona – I have been posting photographs for the past few days about street performers. In today’s photo, I will stop telling you stuff. Instead, I will ask questions that eventually will make all of us come up with a common understanding.

Do all superheroes have special powers? Who has the ultimate power of them all? Who has more powers, Superman or Batman? Captain America or Green Lantern? Darna or Wonder Woman? Magneto or Professor X? Spiderman or Catwoman?

If they all have great powers, why do they have weaknesses? Who among these superheroes does not have any weakness at all?

Do all superheroes wear bright colored costumes? Or do they really have to wear those tight-fitting Spandex? Why does Wonder Woman wear a two-piece bikini? What’s in a catsuit? Why does Superman wear his pantsuit under his underwear? Why can’t they just wear ordinary daily clothes?

Do all male superheroes have big dicks? Or six-pack abs? Or sexy legs? Why can’t they have big bellies? Or thin legs? Do all female superheroes have voluptuous bodies? Or great boobs? Why are there no short-haired female superheroes?

If there are younger versions of Superman (Superboy and Supergirl), why are there no Batboy or Spiderboy? Is there an Aquaboy?

In this day and age, why are there no gay superheroes? Would it matter if X-Men’s Wolverine is gay? Or is Jean Grey a tranny? Or is Wonder Woman a lesbian?

Can’t we be superheroes ourselves? Do we really need those costumes to become?