Teaching them young

by Evans Yonson

"What's he playing, Dad?" asked the child.

Barcelona – If I am asked which European city to live in the next time around, the answer would be Copenhagen. I love my Danish family -Marie, Henrik and Britta- so much that the first time I met them in Denmark, I already felt at home. Despite the very cold weather, almost the whole year round, Copenhagen has a fascinating aura of mystery, awe, and power for its first time visitors. The Danes have this innate mystique that keeps you wanting for more. Or is it just the inquisitive creature in me that never ceases to ask questions?

Must be the combination of a 3-year-old meeting a knowledgeable and well-travelled Viking. One never tires on asking and the other is forever amused to share.  As a child, I have always asked questions to myself. I found refuge in the books in front of me or the movies in the cinema called life. I could never blame my parents for the lack of answers. But this prompted me to look for life’s meanings and answers myself. This led me to travel far and wide. If I had all the answers then, my travels would have been meaningless and worthless. I have always been the child that I used to be but a lot wiser though.

We always begin with a question. This would lead us to the answer. Another question. Another answer. It becomes a circle that never ends. Life is a reality of circles that we are all trapped in. It is up to us to break away from the illusion that there is an end waiting.