Sexy and chic Czech!

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – I have this fascination with men in uniform. Any uniform for that matter except perhaps the religious garb. I don’t fancy “holy men” as they can be very preachy at times. I chanced upon these group of military men in Prague, Czech Republic. They were having this national day thing for the military in the city center. It was so hot. But seeing these men made it even hotter. Little did I know that they were competing against each other for the best performance day.

Men in uniform

It was a hot early summer day when the Czechs came out and paraded their ware in the streets of Prague. Snappy and sexy. Truly Czech!

This day, Spain was playing against Portugal that day in the 2010 World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa. David Villa scored on the 63rd minute. Cristiano Ronaldo´s presence in the Portuguese team didn´t help at all despite being Real Madrid´s highest paid player. With the Spanish and Portuguese playing on the background, the presence of these Czech soldiers made me appreciate men in uniform even more. Be it in the football field or the city center. They are always hotter.