Guitar = guitarist; horn = hornist?

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – This was going to be my last stop of this Eastern European summer travel. I took the train from Bratislava, Slovak Republic and arrived in Budapest a little before 10AM. I walked the whole day from the Keleti Palayaudvar international train station, cross the Danube River twice and all the way to the Heroes’ Square. Budapest is probably the best city in this travel but too bad I only got a few hours to squeeze in everything. I would probably go back and stay longer in the city. And the guys? Oh those lovely Hungarians, they would give those hunky Czechs a run for their money.

While waiting for the train to go back to Slovakia, I couldn’t help but notice this street performer outside the station. And this made me wonder. If a piano player is called a pianist, a guitar player guitarist, then what do you call a horn player? A hornist? Or simply horny?

Horn player

This horn player is using a two-valve horn.

I was already sitting when this horn player came with his ware and his wife. He took out his horn while the partner unfolded the chair. He blows some tunes before sitting down. He blew horn concerto no. 1 (allegro) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with a little hesitation at the beginning but he gained momentum as he struggled a few notes before finally ending to the delight of the passersby.

He played another tune in the next 10 minutes. I couldn’t remember the name of the piece but it sure was a challenge for him. Before he started his third piece, the wife was smiling from ear to ear as the hat she was holding was already half full of Hungarian forint coins. At the end of his third tune, he was gasping and the wife signaled to pack his things up. He stood up and took off his horn’s mouthpiece, which was already filled with his saliva. He wiped his mouthpiece and returned the horn into its case. His wife kissed him on the cheeks and he gave her a strong embrace in this early summer afternoon.