Public performance

by Evans Yonson


The leader of the travelling musicians, Peter. He is an American cellist whose love for music and adventure have affected several lives in the main cities of

Barcelona – One of the things that Europe taught me is to appreciate street performers. Be they singers, instrument players, mimes, performance artists, and even puppeteers. This month I will be posting photographs of these people that I have met during one of my travels here in this side of the world. Instead of posting a Facebook album of this series, I decided to put this series up here.

This interest in street performer photography started during my trip to Athens in December 2009. While sipping my hot, Greek coffee, a group of musicians called my attention. They were singing Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable. Their performance was so touching that passers-by stopped and listened. The group collected a hatful of euro coins for this 30-minute street performance. The Europeans know how to appreciate art be it inside an opera house or out in the open like the park in Acropolis, in Athens, Greece.