New post. New theme.

by Evans Yonson

Announcing the latest theme for this month's blog entries!

Barcelona – Starting tomorrow, 1st of  June until the 30th, I will be posting one photo a day on street performers. It’s summer time in Europe now so people are starting to go out to the streets even more. Here in Spain, many students started their summer earlier by camping in city centers throughout the country. It must be weather, geological and political, that is keeping these people out there than staying indoors like my favorite hangout, the library.  It’s not they don’t go out in winter but summer is a time when people laze around the city. Parents with their kids in tow are a lovely sight to see during late afternoon strolls in parks and Barcelona’s infamous La Rambla. While others walk endlessly, some just stand in a spot and strum their guitars. Other enterprising people, put some make up on and stand on a box. People need entertainment in the streets. Otherwise it would not be as fun as it has always been since God created the sun, the moon, and the stars above. Music fills the hot and humid air in this part of the globe. The harmony is so good that it makes you feel you’re in the clouds with cherubs and their harps.

It’s going to be 30 days of street people photographs on The Light Traveller! Watch out for more as we take the streets this summer!