the best days of my life…

by Evans Yonson

(Note: This entry came on 31 August 2005. Thirty days before my departure from my university residence hall called Africa.)

madrid – today, i had the most wonderful moment of my european life. i chatted with my first love from way, way back.


the year when innocence was at its kindling point. the year when xavier university turned gold. the year when don quixote conquered the hearts of high school girls. the year when the impossible dream of a filipino coming back felled down in the tarmac of the international airport. the year when the spirit of the young generation called for the wearing of the black mourning pin saying, “hindi ka nag-iisa.” (you’re not alone.) the year when the philippine movie industry saw the birth of aga muhlach and the bagets gang. the year when the brownland experienced its worst economic crisis. the year i first fell in love.

“…something’s telling me, it might be you..” (stephen bishop) it was something beyond words. the unfathomable feeling of seeing him everyday and calling it the best days of your life. “puttin’ on the ritz” (taco).

“every breath you take.” (police) there were countless admirers from faculty, to the young and old, to the pink girls, to the effeminate screaming friends of mine. i declared my love to everybody’s surprise. remember, i studied in an all-boys’ jesuit school where homosexuality was encouraged silently but disdained and frowned at publicly. “what a feeling!” (irene cara)

“you can’t hurry love. baby you just have to wait.” (phil collins) but sadly, high school had to end. it was just a stage in life that i had to go through. “making love out of nothing at all.” (air supply).

“there is always something there to remind me.” (naked eyes) 1983 will always be memorable to me.

flashforward. 2005. i’m in spain. he’s in the philippines. he’s happy and i’m even happier knowing that he’s still in me. “tonight, i celebrate my love for you.” (peabo bryson).