From others’ eyes, part 3

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – This is a continuation from last week’s entry.

From Francis Dominic Menor: As a mentor Mr. Yonson is like a buddy-type in Professor Keating only less animating; like a philosophical Detective Somerset only, er, gay; like the sarcastic “Harvard bum only exponentially sophisticated; like a Lecter only a tad less temperamental. As a friend Evans would be like a Rod Tidwell who keeps everything real in Jerry’s world, senses his every would-be mistake and warns him that there’s more to life than all this materialistic bullcrap; albeit very seldom, the Ana who seeks refuge to my clueless Tenoch but without definitely without the sexual overtones; as insightful as Jules in every conversation in otherwise droll moments with my Vincent Vega; the Penny Lane genuinely concerned (at least, that’s what I feel) with the oft-times naive writer in William Miller; the perpetual Samuel who hopes that my Frodo would listen to his advice and erase any doubt to Bagbee’s intentions.To describe Evans in analogical terms may be a great injustice to the “man; but only because that’s what he really is: a person with so many qualities, it’s never easy to put them in words.

From Clarence Ann Mariñas-Sugui: Si Sir Evans…I remember when you have made me cry on your class when I am still pregnant with my first child, niall…the comfort and the advices you have always given me everytime I get myself in trouble has been my guiding voice in every decision I make. Though I often repeat the same mistakes, you are still there to listen and care for me. I will never forget the lessons you taught me in life and love…you are one of the few friends I have whom I hold so dear in my heart…Thank you for making me see life in a different persepective! that’s how big and how important your influence is in me…I love you!

From Erwin Rommel Roa: A very good writer, will put you in his world through what he writes. A very good friend from way, way back. I can remember his name being mentioned the first time in grade six, and he was already making “waves” then. What intrigue me most about him is when he wrote an essay about how he became a hero when he ran from his house to the fire department to report a fire in his neighborhood! Now that made me think twice… hahaha. Anyway, a good travel companion especially driving in the countryside, he knows how to handle the local people when asking for directions on which way to go. Huge appetite!!! Eats everything that is pleasant to the eye. How could I ever forget the suman in Indahag! Many good times with this guy, and will treasure them for life. When you are in Spain say hi to my relatives in Burgos, ok?

From Carrie Borromeo: i look up to this guy because he is a true explorer of the world…ever moving and simply refuses to cease finding new things that makes life worth living…the eternal traveler…he made a big impact in the way i viewed life…he made us realize that change is good and that there many things in life that is worth our attention…