funny things happen just like shit…

by Evans Yonson

(Note: Immediately after my graduation from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, I was hired by a non-government organization on a part-time basis starting October 2005.)

madrid – i started work yesterday with my morning job. i had to report from 9am to 1pm. Since it´s a volunteer job for the Jesuit Refugee Service, they had to ask for my preferred days of work and number of hours per day. i chose Mondays to Wednesdays, which are favourable days for me because for my afternoon job, i would have to report from Mondays to Thursdays. Thus, giving me the whole day of Friday for myself or for some other activities.

So many funny things happened yesterday. First, i reported very early. i was the first one in the office with no one to give an orientation. My supervisor came in very late. An hour late. When i finished everything, i left hurriedly for my afternoon job. i left my wrist watch. While at the Metro, i took the wrong line that i had to go back after 3 Metro stops. i was conditioned to go directly to work but my body brought me almost home.

Upon arrival at Plan, Monica, my supervisor, asked me to encode more materials which i totally forgot how to do. She had to give me a brief orientation all over again. i was so sleepy that after 2 hours of work, i was yawning endlessly. I had to go to the bathroom several times. A few minutes before 7pm, i had to prepare my stuff for home. Monica asked me something which i did not understand completely. i had to ask her to go slow. Not a word. No idea at all what she said. On my way out, i tripped over the steel steps of the office and i caught everybody´s attention.

at the metro, i forgot all my directions to get home. at home, i ate dinner with rice twice in less than 2 hours. and i forgot to cancel all printing jobs that i left pending at the office.

estaba ensimismado!!!