it’s the going…

by Evans Yonson

(Note: I wrote this piece in April 2007 as a tribute to those who visited me in Spain during my first scholarship.)

it always excites me no end when friends come and visit anywhere i may be.

in manila, i hosted friends from cagayan de oro and even my place became a pit stop for homecoming overseas contract workers.

in new york, when some friends surprised me one snowy march morning only to camp in my place for that weekend.

in madrid, i had the wonderful time hosting margie rizon´s visit in spring 2005. and who would ever forget those days and night whenever pinoy scholars drop by at my dorm.

recently in barcelona, at the beginning of the year, i welcomed the year with visitors. some friends from madrid came to celebrate with us the new year.

while in march, a very good friend from the university surprised me with his 3 days-2 nights visit. we did nothing but talk, talk and talk in between packs of marlboro lights and some dicks.

in april, Kay, Mod and Trixi came for the Holy Days. while observing the Good Friday by myself, i learned something more important in life. we had a great time going to sitges, feeling the sun and the breeze caress our winter-soaked skin. those magical moments are simply irreplaceable when you´re around friends and silently talking and listening to each others´feelings.

My girlfriends from Africa. The best ever.

i love the dropping by and visiting part, it´s the saying of goodbye that i dread the most.

to all of you who came to see me, i love you very much. am not saying goodbye now because i´m dropping by and visiting someone else this time.

see you soon.