From others’ eyes, part 2

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – This is a continuation from last week’s entry.

From Clarissa Barrenechea: I have only known this guy for 4 months and everyday is really a learning experience. Hes a contradiction of some sorts as he can be very loud/fun one day and totally quiet and profound the next. Hes humble ( pienso y supongo!?) inspite of his talents and achievements. He has 2 Master degrees under his belt no less (and 1 more in the making) a good photographer (I like his B&Ws), a computer whiz …a writer..the list goes on. Although we might not to see eye to eye in most things, I do appreaciate his advice (believe me when I say that my exact words were not that). It would probably be very interesting to be his student as I am sure itll be both fun and fruitful though I am afraid of the grades Illl get as he has very high standards and to dissapoint him and to get on his bad side really means a lot. His other hidden talents/eccentricities are yet to be discovered but one thing is for sure he is a force to reckon with. Que tenga un buen dia!

From Raymundo Addun: Evans y yo solo nos conocimos cuando yo estaba a punto de salir para Espana por motivo de una beca que, como tenia el el ano anterior, me otorgo la AECI tambien. Conversamos por el Intenet. Fue en Madrid solo cuando nos podiamos ver en persona. Pero que persona tan luciente, franca, inteligente, y… compasiva digo. Se ve en su persona todo esto aunque nos hubieramos visto por solo una vez, en Madrid, por alli en Mcdonalds en Moncloa comiendo hamburguesas, dando vuelta por la Avenida de las Islas Filipinas, y por supuesto, no tuvimos que dejar de opportunidad de tomarnos fotos en frente del monumento de Rizal. Verdad, que dia inolvidable para mi cuando conoci a esta persona. Seguimos recogiendo recuerdos, tio, o sea, tia. 🙂

From Cholo Concepcion: Mr. Yonson, super cool, intelligent, talented, and sweet person. I got to know him when I was in first year college and he was the first prof in CA na naging close ko though hindi pa niya me na-handle then, he decided to change his career path kaya hindi ko na talaga siya naging prof but we are destined to be friends kasi when I had my internship ‘dun ako sa office niya nag work and pinapatulog niya me sa dorm nila at ‘yung bed pa niya ang ginagamit ko kc that time I think he was on leave, pero pumupunta-punta siya. He gave me a lot of advices in terms of attitude sa work, studies and pati na rin sa luv lyf haha… Super pretty and ganda ng ugali. Thanks for your advices and hope you always having good times and take care olweiz…:)Enjoy life!

From Eunice Almazar-Aquino: Ninong, you’re the best. I remember one teacher said that the latest legacy that he can give to his students are learnings that his teachings had imparted to them. The students may FORGET him, but never will they FORGET the values that he taught. Sa akin kasi iba si Yonson. I may FORGET all his teachings but never will I FORGET him. Why? Because I will never FORGET what he made me feel. He made feel that a teacher can’t always remain as someone you have met in school but someone that you’ll bring with you all your life. He is a true friend na di ko ma-FORGET. Kung mali ka, he’ll tell it straight to you kahit masakit but if he’s happy for you he’ll show all his support. Noong college hindi siya ung tipong terror na prof or yung tipong dededmahin mo yung klase. You will agree with me guys na laging puno ang klase nyan at halos walang absent. Bakit? Dahil ba masaya sa klase niya? dahil ba pag absent ka bagsak ka na? No, he always has this force that drives his students to gain interests to what he has to say. Kaya sa iyo Yonson, 5 stars!!!!!