The Big Bang

by Evans Yonson

The Big Bang

Cagayan de Oro – We just said goodbye to 2007 with lots of fireworks. Since my siblings have their own families, I am left alone at our ancestral home. Star, a very good friend, decided to welcome the New Year with me.

A quarter before midnight, we went out to the street to see the much-talked about Dragon Fireworks display to usher in 2008.

I have never seen so much fireworks than this one. Star told me that the past three years saw wonderful displays. I wouldn’t argue because this is the first time I’m witnessing these stuff after three years of living abroad.

After the fireworks, we walked towards the city center, which is only 4 street blocks away from our place. The city is abandoned, a scene out of the movie, ‘I am Legend.’ We bought drinks from Dunkin’ Donuts. Star had pineapple juice, while I settled for hot chocolate. Nothing beats hot chocolate on New Year’s Eve.

Since we couldn’t find anybody we resolved to go back from where we started. My place.

I put out all the porno flicks that Star has been bringing these past few months. And after seven short flicks with the pulsating energy of imitating what we just saw, we let our hair down and reached an agreement that 2008 should be a lucky year.

So the quest for luck began. The eagle easily landed on a street corner.

At this wee hour of the New Year, the early bird without a doubt caught, not necessarily the earliest, but certainly the best worm there is in the lot.

2008 really started with a big bang.

Will there be more big ones?

Or more big bangs?