From others’ eyes, part 1

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – Some of you, if not most, don’t really know me at all. So to give you an idea of who I am, I am posting some words (unadulterated and unedited comments) from my friends. If you feel that you want to tell others about me, please do so by commenting below this entry.

From Carmela Lao: Sir Evans,, or Sir Yonson as what we call him is more than a professor to me…He’s my friend, mentor, and adviser. (pwede na ba tayong first name basis graduate na ako eh CHARING!) Actually, the first time i saw him natakot ako at the same time im the only irregular 3rd year student in his class eh pang 4th year subject na yun. but eventually i overcome that fear kasi hindi pala ako dapat matakot sa kanya dahil sobrang ok siyang prof. Pero siyempre nandun pa din yung respect ko sa kanya sa class kahit friendships kami kasi pag yan nagalit oohh magtago ka na kasi scary talaga. Sir miss na kita i’ll be home soon see

From Charlize Legaspi: frank and brutal. two words that can be apt descriptions for vanda d! surely, people who have come across this person will attest to that (read: his students and gays who don’t get his drift). but it would be totally unfair to contain him within these two adjectives… solicitous and sensual. now those are highly charged, well-deserved assessments. anyone who has sought advice, suggestions, recommendations (even shelter) from evans are assured of his kindheartedness)…down with those plucked eyebrows now, vanda is one of the most sensual persons i know. cruise with her on a moonlit night and the guy you’ve been eyeing would inevitably be drawn to her, not to you (sorry ka na’d better curl up in bed instead with john grisham.) i still haven’t dissected what charms this good friend of mine possesses that men gravitate toward him faster than you can say hi…at the risk of this sounding like a eulogy, being with vanda is what the words “friendship and family” find their most potent meanings……

From Rikki Pinalba: Evans and i knew each other since high school days. he’s a true friend ch0-ch0…we haven’t got much in common but we still remain good friends all these years.The most memorable i had with him was when we all came from a night out and he kept on complaining of abdominal ache,as a nurse i told him to drink this certain kind of medicine,but still with no remedy at all…then i came to think maybe it’s constipation that he needs to do no.2. Same thing no remedy…so all friends parted ways coz it was early morning.the very next day we heard he’s been hospitalized,i went rushing to the hospital and found him lying on bed from surgey…he was suffering from cholecystitis!!!(i should have known)…but as a personality in cdo the press release was “Ceasarian section” fascinating isn’t it? But look at him right now,still preggy all these years.That’s my friend Evans.

From Wesley Gonzales: Prof. Yonson to his colleagues, peers, friends and former students: Traveler. Patriot. Film critic. Culture enthusiast. An educator of impressive merit. Someone of stirring character. Creative. Professional. Liberal minded. A donor of inspiration. A good person.