Of first encounters and safe sex

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona –  Three Saturdays ago, I met this Spanish guy and he guested in my courtyard. Exchange of bodily fluids started immediately without much fanfare. When his tool started to turn really hard, he asked for the backdoor entry. I vehemently said no without putting on the rubber. He said, “I’m safe.” I insisted that he wear one. And everything went pfft. It was the first time that I met this guy and we immediately went to bed. He wanted admission without passport. No way, Jose! The immigration officer won’t allow it.

Practice makes perfect. And don't even think of doing sex without protecting yourself.

Will you allow it? Or will you not?

Sometime in 2001, I attended a seminar-workshop on HIV-AIDS awareness and prevention. The participants were Manila’s male sex-workers and these guys were really hot and sexy. Don’t worry, Virginia, I was not a sex-worker then but I attended as an observer to the workshop. It was my first encounter with male sex-workers, up close and personal, with no carnal pleasures in mind. In short, it was a purely academic encounter. It was a a very educational one for me considering how the shock value of the photos that they showed the participants. Photographs of male organs with gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases were shown as appetizers. The main course was the lecture on the virus and its implications to the individual and the rest of the society. The dessert was the best part of the whole thing.

“How to put on a condom,” announced the facilitator.

Everybody started disrobing to my amazement. The facilitator had to stop everyone. He gave each one a long green banana and a strawberry flavored condom.

“Now use your hands to put on the condom,” she shouted. Click here to see how to do this.

Everyone did as instructed in less than five minutes. It was easy for everyone.

“Now for the most challenging part of this exercise,” she excitedly said as she started distributing new condoms to everyone.

“Use your mouth to put on the condom,” she announced. This was the best one yet. Looking at these workers chewing the rubbers and using their mouths to put on the condom was simply a sight to behold. Imagine in the darkest inner sanctum of lust and carnal pleasure someone is chewing a rubber and magically putting it on the other person. That’s protection without taking satisfaction.

And you thought I escaped this workshop? I had to try it myself. Good thing they gave me the sweet strawberry flavored thing. Just the mere thought of it was disgusting. But the tang that came with the rubber made the experience relishing and unforgettable. And I passed with flying colors.

No wonder I don’t have any problems with immigration officers. I always do what I am told. But always safely even after the first encounter.