sweet dreams are made of…

by Evans Yonson

(Note: I wrote this piece in September 2005 during my stay in university residence hall called Africa in Madrid, Spain.)

madrid – i was chatting with my very dear friend, Trichi, last night. she is based in canada with her family – GQ (her husband), Noel and Kasey (her equally intelligent and wonderful children). we talked about how we dreamt about living abroad for the rest of our lives.

how does one dream? with eyes wide shut? or with expressed desires? or just passing thoughts while sleeping?

Sometimes we dream ourselves to sleep.

we were in davao city in september 2003. with trichi, we don’t end our chats, we just talk ourselves to sleep.

our friendship started in summer of 1985. that’s 20 years ago. we studied BASIC computer programming. while she was ending her university studies and i was just about to begin mine. i also had the opportunity of meeting and knowing her equally intelligent and no-nonsense talker sister, Margie.

while sharing a room in a hotel in the city of durian, we were trying to assess the travels of our lives. she has lived in australia. while i in new york. she has gone places. and i did my share of knowing the outside world. what now are we supposed to do since we’re done talking about the past?

i will be calling her from new zealand to arrange a meeting in london’s heathrow airport so we can go and see the stonehenge together. while taking a break from her job, she will inform me that they are already in athens waiting for my arrival because the flight from st. petersburg was delayed. while taking a bite of my delicious italian pizza in naples, she would just pop up with noel and kasey. while working on my latest research on ecotourism in the amazons, my assistant would inform me that they are already at the mouth of the river waiting. the fjords of norway are calling. the little mermaid is still waiting. vincent and his sunflowers are blooming. new york beckoning again. casablanca. ibiza. the mediterranean. the vienna boys choir. “the hills are alive!”

suddenly, we just stopped and started snoring. i wonder if we ever dreamt of those things while we were sleeping that night. ah, but what the heck. dreams are dreams. most of the times they do come true. sleeping or not sleeping.

dream on! it’s free anyway.