May Day… Mayday!

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – Today is International Labor Day and it’s a holiday, again. Good thing, it is a Sunday. Here’s my tribute to the workers of this world. Let’s be active and help protect our rights to work and earn the just way.

Some migrant workers in Barcelona are underpaid with less or no social security at all. But why would they leave their countries? In search of greener pastures? In exchange for hard labor and indignities of being reduced to classless citizens of a foreign land?

Trying to be a superhero to get a living is a heroic act. In the Philippines, the migrant workers are considered modern-day heroes. But they're treated as milking cows of the government. More protection but less vigilance. With all the rights but no correct and proper information. No time to complain because we all need the dollars back home. Heroes do indeed suffer. It comes with the title.

Getting a record contract is hard to get by. The street is the best place to go. And store sign says, "if you're loyal to us, we have advantages for you in store." Loyalty is key if you're a migrant worker to the point that one's human rights are not respected and totally violated.