Of Pinoys and podcasts…

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – I have been listening DJ Mo’s podcasts lately and I find him loudly sensible and sometimes sensibly loud, and his caller-listeners stupid all. Whenever I need some uplifting of my tyrannized spirit, I turn on his podcast and laugh from beginning till end. Perhaps, the only person that speaks with authority in this show is his sidekick, Dr. Gan. He who speaks soundly is sometimes silenced by the indifference of Mo’s antics.

Why would I call them stupid? It could be their fault but it is brought about by the repressed feelings and emotions dictated by the strongest institution in the Philippines called church. It’s been more than a century since Mother Spain abandoned the country, but it’s legacy still lives on in the daily lives of the ordinary and devout Filipinos. There is nothing wrong with practicing a religion, I for one practice mine religiously and faithfully.

In the late 70’s, women wore veils when they hear mass. Everything must be covered just like being a domestic helper in Singapore with your prescribed uniform and haircut. Most Filipinos when they are in the beach are still fully-clothed. We still don our metal-zippered shorts and immaculate white shirts when we swim. Anyone wearing those skimpy swimwear are looked upon as bitches. No wonder there are so many young Filipinos flocking to Mindoro or Boracay, where practically nobody cares. Brows would rise as high as the befallen Twin Towers if you wear trunks in an ordinary beach.

In the years that I have lived away from the Philippines, I have learned a lot of things especially when it comes to the flesh. Must also be the age and experience. Kissing in public is very ordinary. No one is surprised is two males or two females embrace and kiss each other in the middle of a street in Barcelona. Flesh is flesh. It is God-given. They flaunt what they have but sometimes they go overboard by showing everything they’ve got, which is also acceptable in this society. They even have nude bikers going around the city. But last summer, the city government of Barcelona passed a resolution prohibiting everyone from wearing bikinis in public places except the beach area. The locals have started complaining that it is repulsive to see bikini-clad women entering department stores and taking public transportation.

Tom's dick and Harry's ordinary

In Mo’s podcasts, it’s a no-holds-barred question-and-answer show. Anything goes. But it’s the callers that make me laugh and puke at the same time. Questions like how do I avoid getting pregnant and still enjoy sex; or do I swallow or wallow; or do I get a viral disease if I do cunnilingus with my girlfriend; and many more…

The Philippine population is expected to reach 100 million in less than a decade and most Filipinos are still unaware of the uses of sex protection. Ignorance is bliss so they say but in this day and age, we need to control ourselves. We have access to pornography online, so we can just masturbate in front of the monitor. Or we have partners, safety first is always the first rule. Talking about sex in public is taboo in Philippine society. No wonder DJ Mo gets the highest ratings because he has dared himself where everybody in the industry is afraid to go. The Filipinos are information-starved animals when it comes to sex.

Nothing beats experience when it comes to sex. But being informed and ready with the right choices and sound decisions is always the best preparation for that experience.