Gay? Or not gay?

by Evans Yonson

Gay? Or not gay?

Barcelona – I took this photograph of these statues in Helsingborg, Sweden. There were so many things that came to my mind when I saw these.  Although there was description on the side, I could not decipher what it means because it’s in Swedish.

1. They are definitely gay. But must be the fighting gays who fought in the wars of Sweden. And they must have triumphed in those wars to merit a statue in this city’s promenade.

2. The one sitting down is definitely gay. The way he is positioned and his hands. The way he opens his mouth and the direction of his stare. Definitely gay.

3. Following the logic that gays are for gays, then the guy standing here is definitely gay. The hard bulge in his crotch. The way he raises the (rainobw?) flag. The way he places his right leg forward. The way his chin is positioned. The pout of his lips. Definitely gay.

Gay? Or not gay? It does not really matter at all. They must have done something for good in this part of Sweden. They are definitely heroes.

Helsingborg is the closest Swedish city to Denmark. Elsinore (the Danish city) is only four kilometers away by ferry or a short 20-minute ride.