Wave high and mighty

by Evans Yonson

A Danish angel statue waves high in Copenhagen.

Barcelona – Copenhagen is probably the best city outside of Spain. I am tempted to borrow the Carlsberg tagline but then I don’t want to appear to be self-deprecating by claiming any Philippine city as the best in the world. Honestly, I love Copenhagen. I consider it my second home here in Europe. I have my family in that city of Hans Christian Anderson. Marie, my kindred Danish sister, is a sight to behold every time I go and visit her and her husband, Henrik.

On my second visit to Denmark, Marie brought me and Aaron to see the video monitor of the Little Mermaid who was in Beijing that moment for the World Expo. We walked all the way from the bay to the city center. Just before reaching the Royal Port, I saw this angel statue.

And I wondered, “why are statues positioned so high that you could almost see heaven?” Here are some of my answers:

1. Angels don’t walk with humans because they have wings. Why would they walk when they could fly?

2. They are up there to create an impression of life beyond the clouds.

3. To distinguish us from the celestial creatures.

4. The church’s way of reminding the humans to strive to be as holy and innocent as the angels.

5. These works of art are so priceless that people need to look up to it anytime of the day and year.

What’s your answer?