Start spreading the news…

by Evans Yonson

(Note: This is the very first email I sent to everyone back in the Philippines immediately after my arrival in New York in 10 March 2002. Exactly nine year ago, today!)

i arrive new york last sunday (10 March) after 18 hours of non-stop flying via cathay pacific. some students (who also happened to be my good friends, sent me off). i left manila the same day. we had a layover in hongkong for a frantic 20 minutes. we had to run from one airport to another. and boy, there were so many mid-eastern people – indians, pakistani, afghans? i dunno. the plane smelled too spicy for me. next stop was vancouver. i really wanted to go down
and take a look just around the airport but it was raining cats and dogs. we arrived new york 1935H. arlene (my first cousin) and her anti lourdes fetched us (conching and i) at the airport. it was so cold when we arrived. it was a good thing that i decided to bring my winter jacket (take note: lapagayo). hahahahahaaa… the cold was simply killing me.

right now, i am staying with arlene’s friend, arnold, in queens. arlene’s apartment is just a few blocks away from our apartment. arnold works with a manhattan company. queens is a burough of new york city. a burough is something like a district of a city. just like pandacan to manila. if you want to write me though snail mail (as in physically writing), here’s
my address: 50-05 43rd Avenue Apt 4J

last monday, i slept 22 hours straight. i never thought i would be affected by the jetlag. maybe it
was the effect of thinking that the plane might crash making the jetlag so effective.

last tuesday, we went to manhattan via the subway  train (which is the best mode of transportation getting into new york from queens). we stopped at the central station building. it’s a monument by itself. the one you see in the movies. by the time we got out of the station i was already tired. we have to walk around manhattan because the traffic is terrible. manhattan is like makati but the thing is the former is much bigger. there are so many coat-and-tie people here. and everyone’s in black suit. since it is still winter time, everyone’s in coat. arnold lent me his few extra winter clothes. he suggested that i don’t buy winter clothes since spring will be on 20 March 2002. instead, i will buy a spring jacket. no need to worry
about summer clothing since most of my clothes are  tropically based. we went to st patrick’s cathedral which is almost infront of the rockefeller center (where the tallest christmas tree is lit 12 days before christmas). i have seen the famous skating rink. i have seen the famous chrysler building. we also went to times square (a new year’s celebration area) and site of tom cruise’s run in vanilla sky’s opening scene. i told arlene i never thought i would be in times square someday. it’s breathtaking… marvelous…

yesterday (wednesday), we went to this filipino company where arlene recommended me. they needed my  credentials but unfortunately i left it intentionally in pandacan because arlene said so. i have to ask lirio or vya (who was absent for the past 2 days from work again) to send the said documents to new york through fedex asap. the company will not interview me if i don’t have my credentials yet.

we went back to manhattan and heard mass at st patrick’s. after, we went to saks (a very famous department store) beside the cathedral. and guess, what we did inside? i just urinated at the men’s lounge. it’s a good department store when each floor has the complete line up of designer items. the first floor – perfumeries by all companies. second – women’s line. third – children’s line. fourth – young ladies’ line. fifth – the men’s line. and so on…. we passed
by berkeley college on our way home.

today, arlene will not be here to see me for the next 13 days because she has a duty to attend to. she’s taking care of a DOG. americans love their dogs so much that they cloth them with designer’s clothes, and so on and on….

i’m so tired and decided just to clean the house and the bathroom. don’t worry, i cooked my lunch. i had isdang paksiw. i have to domesticate myself somehow. my knees are aching after yesterday’s long walks. the sun is up and there are no strong winds… also, i went online and visited some university sites – and requested for their summer programs. i want to enroll
earlier while i still have the money. i will get their responses and brochures in 10 days.

tomorrow (friday), i will go to ground zero by myself in the morning and move uptown towards new york university and the empire state building. don’t worry about my getting lost – i have a map already and new yorkers are more than willing to help lost souls… i might watch a broadway musical, if i get a cheaper ticket. probably mamma mia (based on abba’s songs).
when in new york, do what new yorkers do… assimilation..

saturday and sunday, i will report to this jewish restaurant for some odd jobs. earning while touring the big apple.

this monday, i will go back to manhattan and maybe go uptown this time.

next friday, margie rizon (my good friend from way back and trichi’s and kit’s sister) will bring me to Washington DC for a photography trip. wow, the nation’s capital in less than a month. the washington monument… the white house… capitol hill… and on and on…

when arlene’s back, we will go to atlantic city in new jersey.

it’s a great tour after all. i have to start being serious on april 1. work and my enrollment papers.

i really miss you alot. please extend my warmest regards to everyone.


evans :0)