A flying horseman?

by Evans Yonson

(Note: This is a rejoinder from yesterday’s entry.)

Barcelona – I was in Prague, Czech Republic early summer last year. Unexpectedly, I found Prague to be very expensive for my 15-day Eastern Europe on a shoestring budget. One of the most interest things that one can do is take a free ride among tourists who have guides walking along the busy main streets of the city. So, I did just that. Following a group of British tourist-couples, we went inside a dark alley and at the end of that walk was brightly-lit place. Thanks to the early summer sun, this place looked like El Dorado.

There was nothing unusual in this place until the tour guide pointed upwards. And here it was:

Wenceslas I, Duke of Bohemia, riding a dead horse. Taken in Prague, Czech Republic, Juy 2010.

The horseman is Wenceslas I, Duke of Bohemia, later on King Wenceslas. He is the patron saint of the Czech republic. This scuplture is by David Cerny, a a controversial Czech artist, who became notorious after his works for the Czech presidency of the European Union in 2009.