My Oscar moment!

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – Beginning today and for the rest of the month of March, I will be posting photographs of statues and angels taken during my travels. This is to continue what I have started in my Facebook account, which is temporarily deactivated due to some personal reasons.

Oscar statuette. Taken in the Frank House, Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 2010.

The closest that I could ever get closer to an Oscar statuette was in Amsterdam, Netherlands. When they were handing out the Oscars yesterday (Sunday evening in the US), I remember my closest encounter to Uncle Oscar. And what a way to begin my monthly photography project. The golden statuette! Priceless!

This was donated by Shelley Winters, who won the Best Supporting Actress as Mrs Petronella Van Daan in  The Diary of Anne Frank in 1960. When she was nominated for the Oscars, Winters promised Otto Frank, Anne’s father, that if she won she would donate her statuette to the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam.

Just like Annette Bening and her husband, Warren Beatty, the Oscar is so close yet so far.