spontaneity is the rule…

by Evans Yonson

madrid – arriving from class at 2200 on monday, neighbor 005 on the other dormitory enters his room, opens his light and removes everything, with the windows open. he goes around naked for the world to see. at 0030, still naked and this time, he is infront of his laptop, must be watching some sex video. after reaching his climax, he wipes and cleans the floor and goes to shower. at 0300, he is off to bed. every monday, tuesday, and thursday.

when does sex become a routine? is this a guy thing? or is it for both sexes? is it an animal thing? or is it a more civilized animal thing that people tend to schedule it?

whatever happened to spontaneity of events? i mean, let’s have sex right here, right now. let’s not wait for another day or another weekend for that. and please don´t tell me to schedule it.