thoughts running in my mind

by Evans Yonson

(Note: I wrote this note in Madrid, Spain sometime in 2005 out of some sheer desperation of being away from the Philippines for a longer time. )

There are so many things that come to my mind today.

Thoughts of home. The sound of roosters cockling at dawn announcing a new day. The lush winds that blow through my windows reminding me that it’s time to rise and shine. The sun slowly climbing up my window and heating up my room with the gentle breeze from the south and my sister’s knocks from the north. The noise of the neighbors’ pots and laddles to fill up the empty stomachs of schoolchildren.

Thoughts of work. The rush of preparing what clothes to wear. The taxi ride. The things to do on my desk as deadlines aprroach. The calls of partners reminding me of reports to submit. The unusual bickerings of office staff. Thoughts of bonuses and increases as the yearend nears. The lunchdates with unknown faces. Of fried fish and vegetables. Of liters of bottled water and cans of Coke.

Thoughts of vacation. The island that I miss so dearly. The volcanoes that I look forward to seeing again and again. The beaches of white and brown. The tall coconuts bending mindlessly in the fields of green. The Holy Week. The Flowers of May. The Lanzones Festival. The city fiesta. The Christmas mass at XU. The one day travel to Baguio.

Thoughts of my city. The university that I love so dearly, Xavier University. The plaza that used to be my playground, Divisoria. The weekend drinks at the night cafes. The City Hall. The wonderful view at Greenhills. The overnights in the farm.

Thoughts of travelling around my country and my continent. Baguio. Camiguin. Batangas. Laguna. Davao. Bukidnon. Thailand. Cambodia. China. The long bus rides.

Thoughts of family. The frowns of Olivia. The presence of the Yonson children. The long talks with Diko and Nini. The complaints of Adis and Manoy. The stories of Rio. The company of Josh. The visits to Nanay and Tatay. The noise of Mamang. The stories of Papang. The company of Arlene. The seriousness of Clem and Tito Boy. The anecdotes of Ante Ni. The laws and medicine of Joana and Myling. The goods of Anti Ging. The cakes of Anti Bern. The endless philosophies of Tito Dong. The family of Sheila. The smirks of Hannah.

Thoughts of friends. The Saturday dates with Lirio. The Sunday dinners with Charles. The sleepless nights with Jude. The long distance calls of Erwin. The travels of KALSO. The batch of Elaine, Caye, and Mabel. The mindless talks with Francis. The presence of BJ. The wonders of Mayette. The advice of Eli.

Thoughts of malls. The visits to Bench, SM, and Robinsons. The darkest moviehouses. The restaurants: Tokyo Tokyo, Chef Angelo, Pancake House.

Thoughts of earthly materials. The next meal will come from the high heavens. The payroll will be deposited soon. The caprices that money can buy.

Thoughts of weekends and weekdays. Manic Monday. Fat Tuesday. Wednesday Adams. Mighty Thursday. Thank God, it’s Friday. Sabado nights. Sunday Ok Pare!

Thoughts of you. The one person that I hold dearly to my heart. The only you in my heart.