New York´s sexiest ever…

by Evans Yonson

(Note: In today´s feature, Jing Valmorida, one of New York´s treasures, shares with us her life as a traveller.)

Jing Valmorida (JV): Good day to all the readers of this blog! Jing Valmorida here from NYC. I happen to know Evans from family acquaintances back home and he happens to be a good example in the university where i came from. I am presently living in the small jungle of Manhattan, New York City. Living single but dating here and there. That’s the nicest part of being single and living in New York City. In New York, no matter what u do, people know how to have a good time, to be free from stress and pressure from a long night or a long day at work. And i happen to work 12 hours a day, 4 days a week as a nurse. As the saying goes; “work hard, play hard” in the city that never sleeps.

The Light Traveller (TLT): What circumstances brought you where you are now? How many years have you been here?

JV: I woke up one day and said ” I wanna go outside the country”. And thats the beginning of my life. At the young age of 24, I have never been away from home. But when the opportunity came right before college graduation, I grabbed it right away cuz i knew that such opportunity won’t knock on your door twice. For 12 years living in NYC (figure out how old i am now) is really a dream come true for me. I was never away from my own hometown, but here i am in the big city, and still wondering when the good opportunity will come again. I guess by human nature, we’ll never get contented of what we have. And i happen to always look for more…..

TLT: How often do u travel in a year?

JV: Lucky me that i have good friends to share my ups and downs. And we tries to travel at leaast twice a year, it doesnt have to be that far but at least we try to go out of town once every change season.

TLT: Would you travel alone? or with your family? or with friends? why?
JV: Believe it or not, I never tried travelling by myself, its always with friends. For me, travelling alone i guess is not as much fun compared to travelling with friends. Laughter is important to me and i can only find it if i’m with my friends.

TLT: How do you travel? by car? by bus? by plane? by boat? please explain….
JV: I tried all the means mentioned above, but mostly by car. No matter how far is the destination, i’m always awake when in route cuz i enjoys the scenery a lot.

TLT: What is the farthest place that u have travelled to away from your present residence? why the distance?
JV: The farthest i would say is west coast, been there several times. i like the west coast weather aside from visiting my relatives.

TLT: Do you buy souvenir items during your travel? why?
JV: Yes always! its nice to remember places where you went every time u look at those souvenirs you got.

TLT: Do you take photographs during you travels?
JV: Absolutely! i dont only upload it in my computer but i make sure i have them in prints also.

TLT: Do you have any particular poses/shots that u want wherever you travel? If yes, how did this come about? Please explain thoroughly.

JV: No not really, as long as its not against the light.

TLT: Travel light? travel heavy? why?
JV: Travel light? What is that???? hehehe

TLT: Back pack? luggage? why?
JV: Always luggage! Cant travel without my Louis….Its better to bring extras than sorry…..

TLT: What in your luggage when you travel? complete details please.
JV: I have my Louis cosmetic case ( for my make-up and toiletries), my Louis Keepall 50, 55, 60 for my clothes and shoes. My Louis computer case, And my Louis Irene for stuff that i want it handy.

TLT: How many days are the longest time when you travel? why?
JV: The longest is 2 weeks, thats enough to bore myself.

TLT: When and where was the last travel? for how long?
JV: My last travel was in california for 2 weeks.

TLT: What do you usually look for in the city of your destination? why?
JV: The food definitely! put me on the side with lots of food and i’ll be fine then i’ll shut up.

TLT: Tour guide books? local? why?
I always do a research first before i go to my destination, and i’ll pretend i’m local.

TLT: When and Where will be the next planned travel? why?
JV: Hopefully before the winter ends to some winter resorts. And i dont know where exactly for now.

TLT: Any particular country/city that you want to travel? why?
JV: Paris and Greece if given the chance. To me, Paris is well informed. Eloquent and oh-so- romantic, the “city of light” is a philosopher, a poet, a crooner. As it always has been, Paris is a million different things to a million different people. And Greece, a country with a hallowed past and an at – times turbulent present. A country that contributes a lot to our world history.

TLT: Do you always plan what to do during your travel? or are you spontaneous? why?
JV: I always plan before i go to a certain place, then be spontaneous when i’m there.

TLT: Describe the feeling( is it satisfaction or exhaustion) you have get after such travel?
JV: I always feel excited and satisfied before the trip. And exhausted after!