by Evans Yonson

(Note: This piece was written sometime in 2008 out of my desperation of the kind of students that I had in my class. )

cagayan de oro – after having taught for several years, i can not help but compare myself as a student then and with the students that i have right now.

what makes a student a student? where does draw the line between formal education and the application? should one be limited within the four-walls of the university? or should one be exposed entirely to the rigors of reality beyond the confines of structured learning?

as a university student, life was simple. although there were places that people see me with my friends, the area that i frequented most was the library. now, the students go to the library to sleep. the books are accumulating dust everywhere making everyone sick by the day without knowing it.

in the library then, reading and copying of materials were done manually. today, somebody does the copying. thanks to the machine.

sweat was natural then. no airconditioned libraries. there were only 2 elevators in the whole university. overhead projector was a luxury.

there were less complications – no internet, less buildings, less students and everything less. i believe in less is more. now, more students mean more facilities, more buildings, more garbage, more noise, more electricity.

as an observer of university life now, i see there are so many things that most students are attracted to. lots of senseless chats. texting messages come naturally during class hours.

we were so busy with academic life that everything revolved around our major projects and activities. these days, the students are so busy with life beyond the gates of the university. party peeps, they call them. back in the days, party meant after midterms and final exams. but not anymore, party means any given day of the week.

students have become so pathetic and highly charged. you have to move the high heavens and create more picturesque lectures to maintain their increasingly shorter attention.

but one thing remains the same, the determination to learn but only of the the few. the majority is killing those whose future are bright. while those whose tomorrow is already bright enough are succumbing to their unguided dreams.

has the university failed them? or have they failed the university?