of #15, numbers and counting

by Evans Yonson

(Note: This entry was originally written in September 2005 as part of the countdown series that I wrote in my previous blog during my last days in Madrid, Spain. Today also in October 15, the birthday of my father who would have been 75 years old.)

madrid – the number 15 is very important in your family. we have lots of it.




my paternal grandfather was born on 15th august. my father was born on 15th october. my brother, jjosh, was born on 15th august. my eldest nephew on 15th january.

on my mother side is a completely different story. everybody in her family, except my grandmother (my mamang) were born on a day that has a number 2. nanay on 2nd may. tito dong on 23rd december. anti ni on 12th june. tito loy on 2nd november. anti ging on 20th december. papang (my maternal grandfather) on 2nd march. mamang’s birthday falls on 19th february. tito loy, nanay and papang all died on a day with a number 2.




among siblings, it’s only vya (my only sister) who has an even number for a birthdate. manoy on 17th july. diko on 9th november. me on 7th october. jjosh on 15th august. and vya on the 4th of july. if you noticed, only one of us was born after the 15th. at least one among us has a 15.

among my nieces and nephews, tchang on 28th november. alex on 17th october. arianne 26th of september. onin on 15th january. pat on 21st april. jimboy on 17th june. if you noticed, five of them were born after the 15th. just onin on the 15th. and one of them has a 15 too.

among my maternal first-degree cousins, if you add all the digits of their birthdates would sum up to 6, again which is 1+5. tito dong’s children – hannah (2nd january – 02-01 – would become 3). shiela (23-07). dodo (01-05). anti ni’s kids – jong (06-10). joana (20-07). eliza (21-07). anti ging’s offsprings – clem (09-10). arlene (30-01). jimboy (12-09). jerry (23-07). robert (12-09). none of them celebrates a birthday on the 15th. (Note: all the eldest child in these families were all born on the same year, 1970, including jjosh.)

all of us have two common letters in our family names YONSON and INDINO that are the N’s and O’s. The letter O is the 15th letter of the alphabet. our house number used to be number 15. until some mindless people changed it. the numerological interpretation of the number 15 is LIFE.

i refused to believe in numerology as i have my faith stronger than ever now. come to think of it, don’t you find it strange to have that certain number in your life? but honestly, i think my number is 8, which again is part of 15: 7+8.




What´s your number?