Hamlet’s castle near and far…

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona -Denmark is probably one of Europe’s most linked countries in terms of mass public transportation. The railway system connects all the country’s major towns and cities and even with Sweden. This summer, I had the opportunity of seeing that side of Copenhagen where you will see Sweden by the train. To cross from Denmark to Sweden, there are two easy and faster ways: take the ferry from Helsingor to Helsinborg or take the metro from Copenhagen to Malmo. The former is cheaper and faster. This I took. But the latter has been attracting alot of late because of the latest suspension bridge that connects both countries. I didn’t take this because it is very expensive. Maybe next time.

Helsingor or Elsinore is a famous town for many reasons. For one, Shakespeare wrote Hamlet with its setting in this town. In Helsingor, we will find the Kronborg castle.The castle is very prominent especially taking the ferry from/to Denmark. The castle is sea fortress in this part of Baltic Sea. In November 2000, the Kronborg castle was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, which made my trip even more memorable in the efforts of visiting as many world heritage sites as possible in my lifetime.

The castle from afar.

I still haven't found the meaning of this sign. Another sign said 2 timer. 3 timer. Now it's 4 timer. Are the Danes promiscuous?

Entering the gates of the Kronborg Castle.

Framing Hamlet's castle.

With more than 500 years of Kronborg Castle's history is already a great feeling. How much more being there yourself.