Another state of mind

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – The first time I was in the Big Apple, I immediately developed a really bad neck problem. Everything in New York is so high and so tall to look up to.  If you happen to be in the Rockefeller Center, then problem is even more pronounced with 19 commercial buildings occupying almost 100,ooo square meters of land area. The buildings run from the 48th streets till the 51st street between 5th and 7th avenue. The famous buildings in the Center include the RCA Building, the McGraw-Hill Building, and the Barclays Capital formerly known as Lehman Brothers. At the ground level, you will see the infamous Skating Rink, the Radio Music City Hall, the Today´s Show studios.

Another side of the Rockefeller Center.

The Atlas.

One of the Rockefeller towers. "Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times." Now that´s something to ponder on. No wonder there´s not much of a longer stability in the Philippines, we lack wisdom and knowledge.

On other parts of the city, there is Times Square area at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue between West 42nd and West 47th Streets. This is where the city shines it brightest even during the darkest winter nights in February. The lights are always on on Broadway!

The hand of Madame Tussaud is larger than life on Broadway.

The waving huge American flag in the middle of Times Square constantly reminds everyone that they are high up there.

It´s true. The city indeed never sleeps.

Everything is huge, big, bright, high, and tall in New York. It’s like a cathedral of sorts for people. Lights and heights! Who doesn’t worship those?