the way, the…

by Evans Yonson

(Note: The photographs appearing in this entry are not mine. I do not claim ownership of these works of art. These were all taken from Internet to better visualize what I am trying to say here. If you are interested in viewing some of my photographs, please visit The Light Traveller´s Photographs.)

Barcelona – i have been writing about my experiences of teaching english to non-native speakers. here are some background information in english grammar.

1. along the way means you will pass by this place if you’re going somewhere..

"Along the way."

2. doing it your way means performing something according to your desires…

"Doing it his way." Poster from the movie, The Shawshank Redemption

3. on his/her way means he/she is coming over or going to…

"On his way."

4. on the way means the state of being pregnant…

"On the way."

barcelona – my students and i agreed to meet up on one friday winter evening in a bar after a long and hard week. the spanish people believe that the more people you have in a fiesta the merrier it becomes. so, we encouraged everyone to bring in more friends, partners and what-have-you.

people came in rather a little late than the usual. but nonetheless many came.

pedro came very late with his wife who was 5 months pregnant.

everybody knew the wife but not me. pedro introduced me to sylvia who didn’t speak english at all. tenia que hablar con ella en espanol todo el rato.

noticing her tummy, i asked pedro, “so sylvia is on the way?”

pedro replied, “no, evans! i just introduced you to her. she is here now.”

and pedro introduced me to sylvia all over again….