The Maltese Walls

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – Malta is a small island-country in the European Union. It is close to Sicily, Italy in the north and Tunisia in the south. It is so small that it is Europe’s smallest country with a total land area of 300 square kilometers. It is an archipelago of only 5 islands: Malta, Gozo, Comino, and the smaller islands of Filfla and Kemunett. Malta has a very long recorded history that goes back to the megalith ages. It has also experienced contact with the Greeks by 700 BC; the First Punic War of 264 BC; the Roman Empire rule by 117 AD; and so on. Walking through the streets and within the walls of Valletta is a learning experience of more than a thousand years of history. The colors of Malta are simply remarkable as it offers a European summer the whole year through. Blue and yellow are dominant colors but earth colors like orange, brown and light red bring out the best of Maltese architecture at sunrise and sunset.

Malta’s official language is Maltese but English is also spoken everywhere. The standard living in Malta is low that non-English speaking Europeans go to Malta to learn English. Everyone’s euros would certainly go a long way in any part of the country. A bus ride to another side of the country would cost only 0.39 euros (25 Philippine pesos).

Most Maltese are devout Roman Catholics. Really devout. Churches are everywhere in this small country. Everything slows down in Malta during any holy celebration like the Easter week or even Christmas. Generally, the Maltese people are very warm and friendly.

A famous detective novel in the 1930s helped put Malta in the world map.

Houses are painted in a way that the sun would enhance its color any time of the year.

Colors of house doors add meaning to Maltese architecture.

Doors may look the same at first glance. But they are not.

I love their street signs and they always come with figures on top.

Stick to one. But stick no bills.

The Malta experience is best all year round. Small country. Small island. Great people.