Stop. Period. Stop.

by Evans Yonson

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(warning: this blog i write correctly with lots of typographical errors. correct me, i am wrong.)

barcelona – here i am again but this time without paulina she has stopped. coming to class because she thought that she was not learning anything after 6 weeks of english class in the academy

we was discussing the use of CAN in a sentence can you swim? yes, i can or no i cant i bombarded my students with CAN questions in english all questions always ends with a question marks unlike in spanish where questions all BEGINS and ENDS with questions marks these rule they knows very well.

pol, oriol, and ignasi i ask to start ask this questions each other and write the responses in the sheet them i provide

while they were write the answers, i notice that they were not writing down the PERIOD at the end of every statement or reply. so i say, STOP! STOP! STOP!

me they look and start write dots at the end of the sentence STOP! STOP! STOP! and they keep writing more dots

so to them i say, Basta ya! (Stop it!) they only stopped.

them i tell every sentence should end with a PERIOD just one PERIOD (we’re not literary yet) just one PERIOD and that’s it

they all a blank stare in their eyes

and them i ask why many dots/periods

and me they answer that their english teacher teach them that STOP. (or FULL STOP.) and PERIOD. are the same thing PERIOD. is just another term when i said STOP. several times, they thought i meant more PERIODs at the end of each reply

so, here i STOP. (take note of the PERIOD after STOP. and no PERIOD after here because i didn’t say STOP. at all) STOP.