the nose knows….

by Evans Yonson

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barcelona – i really don’t know about my fascination with the olfactory part of the human body, i love looking at them intently. the special friends (read: men) that i had had one thing in common the shape of their noses are unusual.

Owen Wilson

i was once asked by a psychologist-friend what animal and which part of that animal’s body i like the most. my answer was elephant and it’s trunk. she said, after analyzing my test, that my special someone should be bigger (whatever that means) if not taller (this i understood very well) than me and his nose is peculiar that i would notice it right away. i agreed with her.

mennen a. julius c. mark e. julius t. robert o. dindo s. patrick. francisco.

Waiting for Liam

with the stars, i will always have a lifetime crush on paolo abrera. i adore real madrid’s team captain, raul. i love liam nesson (schindler’s list, star wars, kensey), adrien brody (the pianist, the jacket, the village) and now, paul dano. i fell in love with paul the moment he appeared on the wide screen in little miss sunshine. speaking of love, i think i found him already. but he doesn’t look like paul dano at all.

just imagine, adrien body!!!

Mr. Right!

his picture coming soon once everything is official.