to vomit or not to vomit…

by Evans Yonson

(NOTE: I’m currently out of reach but I have automatically uploaded blog entries till I get back. At the same time, you can also visit my newly constructed site called LIGHT WRITING: THE LIGHT TRAVELLER’S PHOTOGRAPHS.)

madrid – after walking three blocks with two empty suitcases, i came back to where i started, the street corner near my place. a man passed by the bench where i was sitting for a couple of hours now. Although we never made eye contact, i sensed that that he was taking something out of his right pocket but to no avail, probably the keys to his apartment.

after a few steps, he started vomiting. lots and lots of liquids. Heavy and strong sounds of solids and liquids were coming out of his body. Then he starts to walk criss-cross again and on to his destination. While i remained seated in the same bench, suddenly some scenes came to memory in this early summer dawn in Madrid.

cagayan de oro – april 1992 – home and tired from work. arnold (a very good friend) came and invited me to watch a movie. jjoy (my younger brother) announced dinner but we have already decided to take dinner after the film.

in the early days of cagayan de oro chicken ala carte, stalls were everywhere especially in darkened streets of city. while arnold decided to take his dinner at home, i waited for him outside his place and took my favourite grilled chorizo and pusó (steamed rice packed in coconut leaf). in less than an hour, i was already nauseated and ready to give my all. i went home and vomited 11 times in 2 hours. Nanay brought me to the hospital and the doctors took away my gall bladder.

Cagayan de Oro – may 1997 – I was back home for six months (april to September) as part of the scholarship I got from my former office. Edgar, one of vya´s good friends, came to visit and brought a liter of Gilbey´s Gin. After 2 hours of non-sense talk, the drinking rounds stopped because I suddenly felt that everything was starting to go back where it started – outside of my mouth.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – may 2002 – I was visiting edric, a friend from the university, who was working as an emergency room nurse in one of the Fort´s famous and biggest hospitals. Edric brought me to this gay bar where the specialty drink was Long Island Iced Tea. After 4 really tall and large glasses, we declared it a night. I was so drank that they had to put me to bed that night. I slept in my own vomit. Edric´s place smelled like shit and piss.

Today, no amount of invitation and coercion from my friends to drink could ever make me vomit again. Besides, I have been doing water therapy since I came back from the Philippines.