Education = Responsibility

by Evans Yonson

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barcelona – i am really amazed by the way my english classes for these young catalans have been evolving lately.

with the advancement of information technology and telecommunications system, it cannot be denied that children these days would certainly have one with him or her, especially with the cheaper telephone units available in the market. as a rule, in spanish schools, children are allowed to have mobile phones and are only permitted to use them only after class or in cases of emergency. once they enter the school premises, all mobile phones are expected to be turned off.

The mobile evolution. Of these six phones, I had the first five.

last monday, i was running late to my class and totally forgot to turn my mobile phone off. shortly before i was to dismiss my students, the f**cking phone rang.

When it starts ringing, the world stops and wonders.

paulina looked at me with disgust. oriol shook his head. ignasi pretended not to hear anything at all. just when i thought that pol didn´t even bother to listen to my instructions, he blurted out something and said,

‘un poco de educación, por favor.’ (a little education, please.)

all i could say was, ‘i´m really sorry. i forgot to turn it off’ and i thought that i got away with my excuse.

pol added, ‘falta de responsibilidad, eh,evans!?’ (it´s lack of responsibility, right evans?!)